Hands in clay at Cradley Primary School with Eastnor Pottery

Inspired by my on-going and succesful partnership with Ledbury Primary School Nursery investigating language and communication through working with clay, I’ve been privilaged to replicate some of the work with Cradley Primary School.

Here’s an exerpt from my notes after week 4 focusing on one childs development:

A has built up a range of skills and language related to the potter’s wheel and is able to work through the sequence of making a pot on the wheel remembering all the key points and actions and how to hold her hands at different stages.

“Can I make a cup – a big one?”  gestures with her hands stretched out wide to their limit. (maths and measurement) when I tell her this isn’t possible because of the size of clay she recalculates her gesture into something a little more realistic. I’m covered in hundreds of clay splats from working with the children on the potter’s wheel. “it doesn’t matter cos you are in your work clothes”  She also demonstrates independence before she even sits down at the wheel. “Can I make it on my own?” Also offers advice to a fellow potter: “Put your finger in it H, it makes it into a cup”

Here’s a comment from the Nursery Head:

“Thanks for today. I have been looking through the photos and managed to get some great feedback from the staff about the morning. I absolutely love reading your notes. They make me realise just how worthwhile and different this project is for all of us. A real focus for our challenging preschool boys it would seem. We have had some lovely feedback from R on tapestry after working with you and reading your notes is very interesting. It’s a bit like an out of body experience! We observe these kids all the time but reading your obs helps us see different things too! I loved the obs about all our boisterous boys being so encouraging with each other.”

I love my job!