Eastnor Pottery at Washwood Primary School making clay coil pot chicksLittle Chicks at Washwood Primary School with Eastnor Pottery

Nobody quite does clay like Washwood Heath Nursery School!

At this time of year, I’m always astounded by the children’s clay skills and the length of concentration exhibited around the clay table. Having the material available on a daily basis has a massive effect on skills, ability and language required to work with the material.

The five freshly hatched chicks in the incubator, (yesterday there were x5 eggs..) provided plenty of inspiration for my coil pot demo which soon started to resemble a fluffy chick.

“you can’t make a chick, you need an egg to make a chick like the others”

The children demonstrate their amazing coil rolling skills, some of them making the tiniest, most delicate beautifully thin coils. Others direct their clay exploration in a myriad of directions and creative avenues. Great stuff!