Fantastic Plate made at Eastnor Pottery Fantastic Thrown Masterpiece by customer at Eastnor Pottery Careful hands on the potter's wheel at Eastnor Pottery

The BBC have commissioned a second series of the ever popular Great British Pottery Throwdown … Hurrah!

Group Shot of Great Pottery Throw Down Judges and Participants

As a result, they are currently scouring the country for new contestants. Do you think you have what it takes to make Keith cry? ;)

Over the past 20 years we’ve welcomed literally tens of thousands of clay enthusiasts and workshop participants through the door – surely one or two of you lovely potters fancy a bit of prime time TV coverage?! – Go on – what have you got to loose?

Applications can be downloaded here.

painted clay pots made on the potter's wheel by a beginner                 Beautifully Thrown and Decorated Pot made by Eastnor Pottery Customer

Eastnor Pottery at Washwood Primary School making clay coil pot chicksLittle Chicks at Washwood Primary School with Eastnor Pottery

Nobody quite does clay like Washwood Heath Nursery School!

At this time of year, I’m always astounded by the children’s clay skills and the length of concentration exhibited around the clay table. Having the material available on a daily basis has a massive effect on skills, ability and language required to work with the material.

The five freshly hatched chicks in the incubator, (yesterday there were x5 eggs..) provided plenty of inspiration for my coil pot demo which soon started to resemble a fluffy chick.

“you can’t make a chick, you need an egg to make a chick like the others”

The children demonstrate their amazing coil rolling skills, some of them making the tiniest, most delicate beautifully thin coils. Others direct their clay exploration in a myriad of directions and creative avenues. Great stuff!


Learning to throw on the Potter's Wheel at Eastnor Pottery for 50th Birthday

What better way to celebrate your 50th Birthday than relaxing & making pots on the potter’s wheel with friends? There was even time for a ‘Ghost’ moment, lovingly supplied by Deb’s partner who made a round trip of 100 miles to surprise the birthday girl. Here are a few more photos from the birthday workshop last sunday

Celebrating 50th with clay at Eastnor Pottery  Surprising the birthday girl with a Ghost moment  Birthday celebrations at Eastnor Pottery

Surprise visit to Eastnor Pottery celebrating 9th Wedding AnniversaryDid you know that on the 9th anniversary, wedded couples are supposed to confirm their devotion to each other via the gift of pottery? Instead of purchasing a ceramic item, why not make each other a crock? – just like these two who visited the studio a few weeks ago.

Eastnor Pottery hosts big family group for Christmas gift pottery session

Lovely family group in on a recent Saturday consisting of mothers, cousins & siblings.

The gang get together once a year to sample an activity en masse and presented to the youngsters as a Christmas present; be it graffiti classes, recording a song or riding on segways. This year, the co-ordinating mums chose pottery.

One of the dads got roped in too. Once or twice we caught Doug having a sneaky lick of his clay! Apparently, saliva has fantastic clay bonding attributes – We think he just rather liked the taste! ;)

A few more photos here.

Painting freshly made coil pots at Eastnor Pottery                                  Large Family gathering at Eastnor Pottery for a day of clay