lady pleased with pottery creation made on the potter's wheelUsual mix of dancers, gymnasts and architects ;) attended our 2nd potter’s wheel weekend workshop of the New Year.

X8 aspiring potters were each assigned a potter’s wheel for the weekend and following the demo, got to grips with the spinning mud with immediate results.

The group was very productive and by the close on Saturday had an impressive array of vessels and shapes. These were left to dry to a leather hard state overnight in the kiln room.

The following morning participants got to trim their pots by attaching them to the potter’s wheel and shaving away the surplus clay using turning tools – a technique similar to working a lump of wood on a lathe.

Sunday afternoon was spent adding handles, modelled detail and painting with coloured slips. Everybody approached this activity in an individual manner and produced equally original results.

Once the masterpieces have been dried, fired and glazed, they will be posted out to their creators  arriving on their doorsteps in a month’s time.

Here is a selection of photos from the weekend.

hand made bowl created by a guest at Eastnor Pottery's weekend pottery coursepainted clay pots made on the potter's wheel by a beginner

wheel thrown pot decorated by beginner at Eastnor Pottery