Group Shot of Great Pottery Throw Down Judges and Participants

Hats off to BBC2 and Love Productions for starting a pottery participation revolution!

As the series aired in the run up to Christmas our phones and email accounts just got hotter and hotter. Come Christmas Eve we had recorded record sales of our one day and weekend pottery courses and, as we progress through January, demand hasn’t discipated one jot.

We are currently running a potter’s wheel workshop of some description every weekend for the foreseable future.

If you needed any more proof – here’s an extract from The Guardian 6th Dec 2015:

“Hobbycraft is reporting that sales of kiln-drying clay have risen 40% since the show started. Sales of air-drying clay, which doesn’t require you to have access to a kiln, are up 60%. Evening classes in ceramics are at capacity up and down the country. If you are thinking of signing up, prepare for a waiting list.”

Remaining dates (you’ve gotta be quick!) and further details of our potter’s wheel days and weekends can be found here.