Bradford's Veterinary Physios at Eastnor Pottery for Christmas Party

Delighted to have hosted Bradford’s Veterinary Physiotherapy Christmas office party here at EP central. The team made some very respectable vessels during a 1.5 hour clay fuelled potter’s wheel, festive frenzy.

Here’s the obligatory Facebook photo album.

I know it’s a long way off, but if you fancied experiencing the delights of the Potter’s wheel for your Christmas 2016 office do – contact the Pottery NOW to avoid disappointment!

01531 633886 or email


Project managers meet in malvern and then try their hand at pottery in EastnorIn an age of social media and digital marketing, it’s easy to forget about the power of the printed leaflet.

These guys picked up one of our flyers from the Cottage in the Wood Hotel near Malvern and as a direct result, booked a pottery break-out session to complement their Winter team meeting.

The team of 12 National Trust project managers booked our 1.5 hr potter’s wheel experience followed by a delicious sandwich lunch (thanks No One sandwich bar!)

Photos from the session.

Eastnor Pottery Team Photo after Mudrunner 2015Terribly sad that the 2015 Mudrunner Classic held in October was likely to be the last Mudrunner event held in Eastnor. Team Eastnor Pottery have taken part in the race nearly as long as we’ve been making the clay medals presented to those who actually make it to the finish line. We’ll be very sad to see it go and must congratulate Mudrunner organisers D3, on the magnificent job of facilitating the event over the past six years. #sad



Fantastic Tile Panels made with Eastnor Pottery & Brearley Nursery School Pizza oven re-build project with Brearley Nusery School and Eastnor Pottery

One of the Early Years settings I visit on a regular basis is Brearley & Teviot Nursery and Children’s Centre in Birmingham.

At the beginning of each academic year and before the children start, I’m called upon to deliver a series of training and teambuilding sessions for staff. In 2014 we produced this amazing rainbow tile panel designed and executed by the team and each tile representing a member of staff.

More recently, I worked with the children to re-build this magnificent bread oven after it had taken a bit of a bashing over the Summer break. Each day, groups of pupils from all four classes visited me on site to help with the construction. A very messy and invaluable experience with lots of lovely language and communication emerging.

Here’s a selection of comments from the children:

“We’re building a mountain”

“I’m mixing”

“Scary snake”

“I cant roll it it’s too sticky”

“My hands are stuck”

“This clay is soft”

I’ve made a big rock”

“I have play dough in my home – I make waffles”

Eastnor Pottery working with Autodesk on Potter's Wheel

The Flying Potter works in all kinds of places, sometimes in the most unlikely settings you could ever imagine to find a pop-up potter’s studio. Thursday afternoon was no exception. Ethan and myself were summoned to The Hyatt Regency hotel in Birmingham to deliver a 3hr potter’s wheel teambuilding breakout session with an international software company in one of the hotel’s suites.

The client who we had the good fortune to work with is going through an expansion process and the board of directors met for a couple of days to take stock and discuss the changes. We were employed to facilitate a breakout pottery session before dinner.

In addition to experiencing the potter’s wheel, the participants co-constructed a Corporate Crest, illustrating the variety of the organisation’s products and customer reach.

The client was extremely pleased with the activity and commented:

“Jon thanks for a fab event. Everone loved it!! I would definately recommend you for future events.”

Steady hands on Potter's Wheel at Autodesk with Eastnor Pottery

Collaborating for Autodesk tile panel