Eastnor Pottery and the Flying Potter at Washwood Heath Nursery

The first week at Nursery School can be quite a step for both child and parent. Washwood Nursery School in Birmingham have a caring and innovative approach to help ease the transition from from home to nursery life.

Staff invite parents and carers to remain in school, but in a separate hall whilst the children have their first sessions in the classroom. If a child is too upset, it means the adults are not too far away to offer solace. Craft activities (basket making and pottery to name but two) are offered to the parents to keep them occupied.

The grown-ups are always appreciative and comment on the therapeutic and calming effects of working with the artists and their materials. Some of them attend repeatedly even if their child has well adjusted to the new routine.

Some of the dads who are reluctant at first, soon get involved, particularly enjoying the potter’s wheel and the competitive potential. Comparing his work with another dad, one beaming parent proclaimed:

“Mine will last centuries – yours will last only decades!”