Creative and relaxing way to spend a hen party in rural HerefordshireThe pottery hen party season 2015 was kicked off in style here at Eastnor Pottery last weekend. 14 lovely ladies from Leeds spent a creative and fun morning helping Liz celebrate her hen weekend by making pots on the potter’s wheel. Here’s what they had to say after their weekend in Herefordshire.
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Clay residency at LPS Nursery with Jon the PotterCant quite believe it’s been three years since I started working with Rose & co in the Nursery at Ledbury Primary School.

Headteacher Julie Rees wanted to explore language and communication within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) via the medium of clay. Parents and carers were also encouraged to stay and work with their children.

The sessions have proved extremely successful, growing in popularity with parents year by year. The current crop of young potters were accompanied by nearly all their significant grown-ups at some point during the 12 weeks of workshops.

Here are a few examples of the lovely language used by the children when they helped co-create this collaborative ‘Cherry Mountain’

“A cake mountain”

“I’m wiping it”

“My skin is a different colour now”

“Why does it turn around?” (mountain on the turntable)

“I can put the snake on”

“look I’ve done it’s tree stump”

“I’m making it turn”

“Shall I make another sticky tree?”

“This is my sticky hat”

“I’m making a whole big pizza – do you want some pizza?”

“This is not a cake is it – it’s a mountain” drags fingers down the clay structure.

“I’m doing a claw!”

“I’m like claw girl!”

What would claw girls costume look like?

“Tiger costume!”

Pottery buddha inspired clay figures made by children at Marlbrook Primary School HerefordI love my periodic visits to Marlbrook Primary School in Hereford. The children and staff are so welcoming and value greatly the opportunity to work with clay.

The day whizzes by in a whirl of energy and enthusiasm and the pottery results are pretty amazing too.

Get a load of these Buddhas made with YR6 on a recent visit.

Terracotta drain covers for Eastnor Castle made on the potters wheelWe like a challenge here at Eastnor Pottery.

Phil, one of the Estate workers asked if we could replace a broken pottery drain cover for one of the sewers in the Castle grounds. Those of you in the know will appreciate that clay does an awfull lot of shrinking, not only as it drys, but as it’s fired in the kiln as well. It’s not uncommon for certain types of clay to undergo a 20% reduction in size from soft squidgy stuff to fired ceramic.

In order to get a good fit, Ethan made several lids on the potter’s wheel with varying diameters and thicknesses. We are hoping that at least one will do the job – we’ll let you know the outcome…dont go away now!

Bag of clay transforms into a clay pirate at Birmingham Nursery SchoolI was fortunate to spend x4 very creative and messy days in January at St Benedicts Infants School in Birmingham, working with the lovely children and staff in the Nursery.

We explored soft clay on the potter’s wheel as well as fired ceramic sculpture specifically designed for the U5’s to play with.

Here’s a clay pirate transformed from a bag of clay. Click here for some more lovely clay creations made by the children.