Collaborative pottery made by Eastnor Pottery and Tenbury Wells Primary SchoolVery pleased with how these collaborative clay works came out of the kiln. They were made by the children at Tenbury Wells Primary School in Worcestershire in the Summer term 2014.

The terracotta sculptures were inspired in part by Martin Waddell’s fabulous children’s picture book ‘Owl babies’.

KS1 constructed the life cycle of a caterpillar.Collaborative clay sculpture made by worcestershire school children

owl and pussycat themed birthday party at Eastnor PotteryOne of our long-standing pottery birthday themes is the Owl & the Pussycat. The party goers get to make a little boat on the potter’s wheel and then fill it with characters inspired by the famous peom by Edward Lear.

We love families who fully embrace the occasion and run like mad with a theme.

Each member of Isabels party took home either an owl or pussycat hand drawn balloon as well as a slice of O&P home baked special.Owl & pussycat inspired birthday cake

Lottie & Beth start production of the clay mud runner medalsEach year we make well over 3500 pottery medals for the amazing Mudrunner Classic event organised by D3 Active.

The ‘race’ takes place on Sunday 19th October here on the idyllic Eastnor Castle Estate and takes in some of the most challenging off-road terrain in the country. The route is regularly used by Landrover to test their vehicles and makes for some hilarious running conditions as you can well imagine.

We always slip & slide our way around the course and this year there will be three of us running so please keep your eye out for Team EP!

Clay leaf tiles made by the children at Staunton and Corse Primary SchoolAn Autumnal collection of ceramic leaves made by the children at Staunton & Corse Primary School in Gloucestershire.

Although we weren’t directly involved in the making, we agreed to decorate, glaze and fire the tiles in our kiln.

I think they look really special and will make a wonderful mobile in the school.

clay t pot made by nursery school staff in BirminghamDelighted to be back at the fantastic Brearley Nursery School in Birmingham. Spent a couple of sunny September afternoons a week or so ago, pottery teambuilding with the staff.

Teachers and TA’s were given the opportunity to brush up on their potter’s wheel skills as well as creating a collaborative colourful rainbow tile panel for the entrance hall.

They also hand built a tea-set for the children to play with in the class room. Here’s the brilliant T-pot drying out in the Pottery garden.