Girls take clay pots they made at Eastnor Pottery away to paint at homeDont forget, you can visit Eastnor Pottery & the Flying Potter in Herefordshire and make stuff out of clay to take away to paint at home.

These girls made a couple of beautifully decorated coil pots chosen from our menu of fired and unfired projects.

They took their creations away with them at the end of the session to seal with PVA glue and paint using water based paints.

If you would like to visit the Pottery to make coil-pots or pinch pot sculpture or even try the potters wheel, then please do get in touch to arrange a date: Tel 01531 633886 or email

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  1. Sally Zentz says:

    The girls and I had such great fun making our pots on the potters wheel. We will definitely be back.

  2. Jon Williams says:

    Thanks Sally. Did the girls get to paint their masterpieces? If they did we’d love to see a photo or two – you could upload them onto our facebook page if you wanted. Hope business is booming and we look forward to welcoming you back to Eastnor pottery sometime soon.

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