Happy museums craftplay project at Bilston Craft GalleryTaking part in a fantastic project at Bilston Craft Gallery in Wovehampton.

Here’s the blurb from the ‘Happy Museums’ blog:

WAVE and Craftspace will work together at Bilston Craft Gallery to deliver a programme of creative engagement sessions with early years’ children and their carers working with craft makers to explore creative play and the natural environment – investigating the part craft plays in developing a sustainable future. By taking the world around us as a teacher and actively interacting with it we seek to inspire children with an appreciation of the environment and its systems, and enrich their self-belief through creating things themselves by hand. There is an acute need to support basic wellbeing in the area immediately around Bilston Craft Gallery which has high concentrations of children living in poverty and high levels of deprivation.  The sessions will provide a rich, inspiring and fun learning environment where curiosity, confidence and social development can be nurtured.

Following on from the hands-on sessions with the children, myself and the other two artists Annemarie O’Sullivan & Corrie Williamson will produce a commission to be used as an early learning resource for Craftplay. Love the balance of engagement and personal making associated with this project.