Child making a clay feather at Eastnor Castle during the Summer holidays.Loved my annual residency at Eastnor Castle. Spent x4 sunny days working with hundreds of children and families making collaborative terracotta owls. The results of which will be fired and displayed online and in the Dry Cleaners window in Ledbury high street sometime in October. In the meantime please take a look at all the clay fun photos on our FB page. We’ve created an album for each day – which day did you go?

Monday 19-8-13

Tuesday 20-8-13

Wednesday 21-8-13

Thursday 22-8-13

Clay babies pottery session at Just So Festival 2013Lottie and myself travelled to Rode Hall in Cheshire for the absolutely fantastic & truly magical annual event known as the Just So Family festival. Once again we provided sensory and exploratory clay experiences for festival goers aged 0-4….and what fun we all had. Took us at least x2 days to clean all the equipment, but worth every second to have been privileged to watch the young people and their grown-ups interact with the sloppy, squidgy, spinning clay. Here are 100 photos from the event.

Daughter and dad try their hand at pottery in herefordshireThese two dropped in for a bit of potter’s wheel action last week – nice work you guys.

Kate treated her mum and herself to a turn on the potter's wheel at Eastnor PotteryJacqui makes a pot on the potter's wheel to celebrate her birthdayKatherine purchased a go on the potter’s wheel for her mum and herself as part of mums birthday celebrations.

Max purchased a potter's wheel experience for his wife and himself as a wedding annerversary presentzoe using her wedding annerversary gift pottery experienceMax booked a day’s potter’s wheel workshop for his wife and self as a surprise wedding anniversary gift. Zoe didn’t have a clue she’d be making pots on the potter’s wheel, even after having walked up the Pottery garden path. A well kept secret Max!

Here’s what Max had to say about their experience on Tripadvisor.