Connie's colourful critter pottery birthday party at Eastnor PotteryConnie and all her seven year old chums celebrated her big day at Eastnor Pottery by making some excellent colourful critter clay models. Once the clay work had been completed the birthday party continued outside on the picnic benches in glorious sunshine.

Collaborative retirement pot made at Mrs James retirement party at Red Marley Primary School in GloucestershireAll the guests at Mrs James’ retirement party helped make this magnificent, terracotta plant pot.

Everybody, children, parents and staff, made a self portrait to go onto the pot. Once it’s been fired it will be presented to Mrs James, who retired in July 2013 from her position as head teacher at Red Marley Primary School in Gloucestershire.

ceramic alien made by a pupil at Colwall Primary SchoolEver read the book ‘Here come the aliens’ by Colin McNaughton? We used to love reading it to our kids at bedtime. The book and it’s fantastic illustrations were never far from my thoughts when I had the good fortune to visit Colwall Primary School just before the end of the Summer term.

Class 1 & 2 at Colwall Primary School have been studying Aliens as part of this term’s learning topic and invited me in to make some pottery monsters and alien beasts. Here’s just one glazed example …be afraid, be very afraid!

Staff away day at Eastnor Pottery for Worcestershire schoolSpent a lovely couple of days in the company of the children, staff and parents from Upton Snodsbury First School in Worcestershire.

On the evening of the 10th, the staff drove over to the Pottery for an end of term celebration, clay training sort of event. They packed a wonderful picnic which they enjoyed in the evening sunshine on the Pottery lawn, before retiring to the studio for a spot of clay fun!

Everybody got to have a go on the potter’s wheel as well as making a start on the tile project we would extend in school the following day. The quality of the children’s work benefited from having had the staff working with the clay the night before and the results were cracking.

Here’s what one of the staff had to say about the impact of the work in School:

By the way, yesterday was great fun and the kids loved it! I ran Forest School in the afternoon for the Year 1/ 2 children and some of the girls we making a mud/clay items like you had made with them in the morning. They were busy patting and turning the mix after every 5 taps and were loving moulding and making things. Now that is inspiration!Worcestershire first school pottery project with ceramic artist

Roald Dahl revolting rhymes inspired pottery workshops as part of Ledbury Poetry FestivalRoald Dahl’s ‘Revolting Rhymes’ provided hours of inspiration for a family pottery/poetry workshop fusion earlier this month. Families dropped into the Walled Garden during the Ledbury Poetry Festival to make their favourite gruesome character from the disturbing set of poems. We lost count of all the Little red ridding hoods, dressed in wolf skin coats, totting a pistol or two!…and as for the volume of decapitated ugly sisters….

The clay models were then hidden around the shrubs and plants in the walled garden for visitors to stumble upon as they strolled in the sunshine. Once the festival ended families were invited to reclaim their artwork from it’s hiding place.