course participant karen decorates the pot she made on the potter's wheelAnother busy workshop with eight participants enjoying the relaxing and productive atmosphere of EP Central.

Quite an arty bunch too, with the majority of guests having completed some sort of creative or artschool training.

Julie, a remarkable woman and professional glass maker kept us entertained with stories about her lengthy making process and huge number of firings (x90!!) to achieve a single art work.

Janet was looking for handy tips and inspiration for her creative practice, details of which can be found here

Nikki a jeweller, is due to visit the USA in the Summer as a volunteer at Camp Ammerica. She’d been given the heads up that there would be clay and potter’s wheel at her disposal and thought it prudent get some hands on experience. She also bought her 35mm camera along and snapped away (thanks Nikki!) results of which we’ll publish in due course.

Liz and her siblings clubbed together and purchased a workshop for their mum Jane as a special birthday treat which was presented to her in a movie DVD case…see if you can guess which film!? Lizzie was the chosen accomplice who came along to keep an eye on her mum and sample the delights of the potter’s wheel!

Lot’s of stories, conversation and banter made for a lively experience as well as some wonderful pottery outcomes. I took a few pictures too.