subsurface geotechnical survey equipment with pottery bases in usesubsurface geotechnical survey equipment pottery bases made by eastnor potteryA little while ago we made some pottery bases for a local company called Subsurface Goetechnical. They very kindly provided pictures and an explanation of how the bases are used:

Geophysical surveys investigate the physical properties of the ground to increase understanding of the local geology and ground.  Self potential geophysical surveys measure the voltage of small, naturally produced currents that occur beneath the Earth’s surface.

The terracotta clay discs produced by Eastnor Pottery form the bases of the self potential electrodes. The porous terracotta allows the electrode solution to seep into the ground to establish a proper electrical contact between the electrode and ground.  The results of the surveys can be used to find ore bodies, identify contaminant plumes or find leaks in reservoirs and dams.

Picture 1 – a typical electrode

Picture 2 – typical survey in progress