jon the potter worked with charford first school to make a series of tile panels based upon a sealife themeI worked with the whole of Yr3 & 4 at Charford First School in Bromsgrove. We made a series of pottery tile panels based upon a sealife theme. The children’s artwork has now been fired, glazed and delivered to the school and the panels should be ‘brightening up’ the large wooden fence surrounding the playground very soon.

More photos can be seen here.

pottery visitor zoe shows off her potter's wheel skills at eastnor pottery herefordshireZoe not only treasured but used on a daily basis, a pottery mug she’d made as a child. That is until recently when the vessel tumbled to the floor and broke into several, irreparable pieces.

Unbeknown to her, partner Matt secretly arranged a potter’s wheel session so she could make a replacement here at Eastnor Pottery. Matt even managed to get Zoe through the studio door oblivious to the purpose of visit. It was only when I greeted them both by name that she twigged something was going on – Nice work Matt!


john & sandy threw some pots on the potters wheel at eastnor pottery in the christmas holidaysI’m sensing a local challenger to the my covert-ed title of the only Jon the Potter in the village!

Back in the summer, neighbour and professional photographer John Teale took some lovely photos of my pots in return for a some potter’s wheel experience.

Both John and his wife Sandy proved they are probably in the wrong jobs!

youngest member of hen party group samples the delights of working with clay at rachels pottery hen party at eastnor pottery herefordshire

I don’t know, the hens attending our pottery hen party sessions definitely seem to be getting younger and younger!

The ladies were at the Pottery as part of Rachel’s hen party celebrations. Eight week old baby Niamh was a little on the young side to be left at home, so she came chaperoned by dad and joined in the fun!

We’ve created a photo album of Saturday’s clay fuelled fun.

owl and pussy cat themed pottery workshop for childs birthday party at eastnor pottery herefordshireWe love it when our customers fully embrace one of our pottery birthday party themes.

Olivia and her family and friends went Owl & Pussycat mad at the weekend. Mum made a fabulous owl & pussycat cake (featured here) whilst one of the party guests produced a print out of Edward Lear’s poem.

Everybody got to throw a ‘boat pot ‘on the potter’s wheel as well as modelling a feline and feathery creature to board the vessel.

Details of our other fabulous birthday party themes can be seen here.