Potter's christmas party at Eastnor PotteryWe rounded the year off in creative fashion here at EP with a visit from Forest School Andy. The outside learning expert showed us how to make five or six willow items woven from a bundle of withies. We made stars, fish, coasters and 3d sculptures all in an afternoon. Brilliant fun and really beneficial to be reminded of what it feels like to learn a new skill.

Eastnor Pottery staff check Catshill First School collaborative tile panelGemma and Ethan ponder the 260 piece ‘Catshill First School‘  jigsaw puzzle.

We always like to check the tiles before we deliver, just to ensure they have all been made and there aren’t any naughty tiles that have been decorated on the wrong side.

Admittedly, it takes a bit of time to lay out but it’s often the first time we get a glimpse of how the finished artwork might look.

We’ll deliver this one to the children and staff in the New Year.

Ceramic stampAt this time of year, things quieten down on the workshops and social engagement front. So much so, I find myself able to devote more time to my own making.

I’m currently involved in the lovely Happy Museums project at Craftplay in Wolverhampton. The enquiry has managed to strike the perfect balance of working with people and studio practice.

I’m developing a range of prototype ceramic stamps made from thrown clay on the potter’s wheel.

Apprentice Ethan was on hand to photograph my hand!

Elmer the elephant made from terracotta clayKipper the dog made from terracotta clay











Made a couple of ‘figure-head’ terracotta sculptures with the young artists at LPS Nursery in the last session before the Christmas holidays.

The Nursery children are sometimes split into two groups for communal activities such as story time and snack – Kipper the dog and Elmer the Elephant representing each group.

I’ll be back at the school in January to carry on the clay/language project with the afternoon children and their parents. Looking forward to it!

Pottery monster made by pupil at Bishops Cleeve Primary SchoolRest assured they certainly were not!

Had a lovely morning working with Year 3 last week helping them to make clay monsters.

The School declares it’s the only Primary School In Gloucestershire with a dedicated Arts Development Officer and the results are clear to see if you take a tour of the building. The corridors and halls are festooned with some pretty amazing artworks either facilitated or organised by Yr6 Teacher and Arts specialist Mrs Parkes. It’s a joy to behold and I always look forward to my visits.