jon williams worked with all the children at ashton under hill first school in worcestershire to make collaborative terracotta sculpture for their imaginariumThe staff had their go, now it was the children’s turn to create their creative clay consequences!

Each child in the school made a section, either a head, torso or legs from terracotta clay. The sections were joined together at random to create crazy hybrid creatures and fantastical figures. Elephant head on a centrepede’s body attached to a mermaid’s tail to give just one example.

Once each group had made their clay contribution, there was a little time for the children to play with their remaining clay. I’m always facinated by what they make and wasn’t disappointed either by the variety and complexity of models. Pictured above a clay stick-man, doughnut in a saucepan and a decorated chicken leg.

We will publish photos of the 35 collaborative terracotta figures as soon as they emerge from the kiln.