these two made pots on the potter's wheel for each other to celebrate their 9th wedding anniversaryDid you know that the traditional 9th wedding anniversary gift is the gift of pottery? Jonathan did and secretly arranged a pottery wheel surprise for himself and his wife Helen.

Although the couple observe the yearly list – (last year it was bronze and quite independently purchased each other a bottle of bronze tanning lotion!) their day at Eastnor Pottery was probably their most extravagant anniversary purchase to date. 

“We never ever normally do anything like this, ever” exclaimed Helen. Well I reckon the pair aught to rethink their pottery intake as they both made some cracking pots on the potter’s wheels. More photos.

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  1. Helen Patterson says:

    A unique anniversary present from my husband to celebrate our 9th ‘pottery’ anniversary. It was really special to spend the whole day together learning something new and different. Our day will always be remembered fondly when drinking tea out of our wonky cups and eating nibbles out of our lopsided bowls!

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