longlevens junior school visited the sky arts den to work with ceramic artist jon williams from eastnor pottery and the flying potterWhen I’m providing workshops at events and festivals throughout the West Midlands, there is one Gloucester School that seems to crop up with repeated regularity. Longlevens Junior School has an extremely proactive approach in engaging the wider community and offering its students broad and creative learning opportunities. I’ve encounted them at all three big events at the Malvern Showground, exhibiting a show garden or participating in various community projects.

I should have guessed it was LJS who were the only school to have booked into the pottery sessions I’ve been facilitating in the skyarts den at the cheltenham literature festival. The children and there on a ‘go & see’ mission with the ultimate aim to hold their very own literature festival at School.

All this good stuff doesn’t just ‘happen’, it’s down to the imagination and hard work of the staff who fuel the children’s creativity and curiosity.

Longlevens Junior School, EP salutes you!

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  1. Nige Gregory says:

    Jon, many thanks for extending your session to work with LJS, it was much appreciated. It rounded off a good day, thanks. Nige

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