3 generations of robin's family help him celebrate his 70th birthday at eastnor pottery in the west midlandsIt’s official – clay reaches the intergenerational parts other mediums cant!

Robin celebrated his 70th birthday at the studio this weekend with his family stretching over three generations.

Everybody engaged with the clay at their own level creating a haul of pottery models and sculpture as diverse as you like. The youngest members of the family created clay monsters, butterflies and snails whilst the adults excelled on the potter’s wheel. 

Special mention to animator and mum Jacqui who produced an excellent interpretation of her pet dog.pottery dog made by participant at one of our clay workshops at eastnor pottery

We’ve had a real run of 70th pottery birthday parties, this is our third in as many months. Pleased to report the atmosphere has been as special and relaxed in all three, with participants commenting on the therapeutic nature of clay and the tranquil surroundings of the artists’ studio.