pinch pot animals made by visitors at eastnor pottery herefordshireThese fantastic creatures were made by three friends who attended one of our drop-in pottery sessions earlier this summer. The young ladies used the pnch-pot technique to fashion the clay before painting their creations in coloured slip. A few weeks and a couple of firings later they were ready for dispatch.

As this workshop option has been so succesful, we’ve decided to continue the offer into the autumn. Please drop us an email or Tel: 01531 633886 to check availability in Sept & Oct.

collaborative terracotta owl made by jon the potter from eastnor pottery and parents children at bosbury primary schoolThis stunning collaborative terracotta owl was made by parents and children at Bosbury Primary School in Herefordshire. It will be delivered in time for the new term. Good work everybody!

sticky clay stuck to sole of child's shoe at badsey village hallClay is such a sticky material – particulary if you’re sporting a pair of brand new Doodles.

Spent a morning working with parents and young children on behalf of Apple Vale Children’s Centre. The sessions took place at Badsey Village Hall with all the youngsters experiencing the potter’s wheel – many for the first time.

clay crab attached to mud boat @_moonbeams @macOh muddyducks!! It was my final stint at the Midlands Arts Centre last week and the land art mud sculptures hadn’t fared too well since I’d last seen them.

The persistent heavy down pours had washed away a lot of the mud/straw feathers  and numerous little feet had enjoyed climbing up and down their backs. The works looked a little sorry for themselves. Not that the first group of nursery school children who came especially to work with me thought so – they were completely captivated by the x3 lumps of mud and immediately saddled up, two abreast, and enjoyed a morning of horse racing! “Giddy up horsie!”

Once everybody had had a ride on the horseducks, we settled into making clay sea creatures to adorn the mud boat.

clay babies at just so festival 2012 supplied by eastnor pottery and the flying potterA couple of years ago I picked up a beautifully designed flyer for a new family festival called ‘Just So’. The illustration was exquisite and I needed to know more.

Having just returned from working the festival (now in it’s third year) I’m please to report Just So certainly lived up, neh exceeded the promise and quality of that original flyer.

Our contribution, Clay babies and BIG pottery went down very well indeed, with families lapping up the opportunity to get right grubby with the clay and mud sculpture.

Well done Sarah & Rowen you have certainly created a magical, imaginative and creative world for little people and their grown-ups. Roll on just so 2013.