Spent a filthy couple of days working with young children and their families at the creative hub that is the Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham.

We built x2 giant, exceptionally punky, muddy ducks from mud, clay, straw and sticks.

jon the potter worked with young children and their families at mac birmingham making giant muddy duck sculptureHere are just a few classic one liners from the children as they worked with the natural materials:

“dirty, dirty, dirty duck”“this is awesome” “cows eat straw”“this is like in the olden days” “we’re in the trees so that creates shade” “it’s like dinner, we have to cut it like dinner” “it will need eyes later on or it will be a blind duck” “fantastic Mr Duck” “I want to call it Micky” “look like its pregnant

and my favourite: “This is a terrible job but we’ve got to do it” 

Here are the photos from Saturday and Sunday.