cooking on a pottery stove like this can reduce the amount of fuel used to heat the food by 40% ompared to cooking on an open fire.Did you know that these gorgeous looking pottery cooking stoves are 40% more fuel efficient than the traditional African method of cooking on an open fire? If more rural africans were encouraged to cook using a clay stove, that’s an awful lot less wood gathering, smoke inhalation, tree cutting, and carbon emissions. Win, win, win, win!!

Hereford based International charity, Concern Universal have employed us at Eastnor Pottery to deliver a series of clay stove workshops to local schools. The sessions are designed to raise awareness of poverty in Malawi and more generally the impact of global warming and how each of us can lessen our carbon footprint.

We collaborated for the first time last week at Broadheath Primary School in Worcestershire. The Yr5 children enjoyed a fun and informative presentation on the environmental and economical benefits of cooking on a clay stove before being given the chance to make their very own, individual model stoves.

We concluded the session by lighting the sample stove in the shade of the schools forest school site and boiling a pan of water over the flames.

I learnt just as much as the children who, as you’d expect, were able to soak up the information and statistics with alarming speed and accuracy.

Cant wait to see how this project grows and develops.