this little textured clay slab was created by a young potter at the inspiring and creative early years setting of washwood heath nursery school birminghamThe sun really did shine down on Washwood Nursery School this week and although we’d planned lots of exciting clay activities in the classroom, it was no match for the fantastic weather. Naturaly, and quite right too, all the young people headed for the door as soon as it was free flow.

If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad and as a champion of fresh air clay exploration, I decided to join them.

We squashed the clay into and onto all sorts of surfaces collecting marks and textures on biscuit sized slabs – McVities eat your heart out!

Some of the children who usually choose not to engage with the clay in the classroom took great delight in hurling lumps at the ground or using their whole body weight to squash it beneath their elbows – a much more physical and equally valid approach -great stuff!