what do you get if you cross a snail with a giraffe and a bag of clay?Having worked with Bishops Cleeve Primary School back in the Autumn, I was pleased and privileged to return to work with Yr5 this week. last time I potted with yr2 and we made an impressive army of terracotta Roman soldiers. this time each pupil made an individual creature made up of different animals – so a pig & fish hybrid became a ‘pish’ etc…

The project clearly captured the children’s imagination and they made and painted some fantastical magical beasts. I particularly enjoyed the simplicity of this snail/giraffe combo – a snaiaffe or girail I guess?

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  1. carolparkes says:

    Another wonderful day of creation! Quite literally as Year 5 children created their very own life forms to inhabit other planets. Jon’s assembly demonstration was a fantastic inspiration to the children and clearly influenced the skills used throughout the day: the creation of hollow bodies to avoid Kiln explosions; the thick edges needed for good joins; the lack of ‘weedy’ protrusions to avoid disasters in transit! We thought about it ALL! The newly invented creatures combined an enormous range of features and the use of coloured slip was the cherry on our artistic cake! We look forward to seeing our fired creations! Thank you Jon from All in Year 5!

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