Sky Arts Den clay workshop,   Bath Independent Literature FestivalHere are some more photos from our mini-residency at the Sky Arts Den,  at the Independent Literature festival in Bath.

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  1. Bevavoncowan says:

    I really had a great time in Bath Library at the Sky Arts Bath Lit Festival and the pottery session with Eastnor was so relaxing and rewarding as this pot in the making is now painted, glazed and sits nicely ensconced on my mantelpiece. It is a product made by me within a group of people from under 5s to over 70s and beyond.
    The acrylics painting mixing colours was great and the teenagers who presented Shakespeare side by side with Hip- Hop. How many of us thought the quotes from Much Ado About Nothing belonged to Jay-Z? WHAT A SCREAM! Bev signing off…

  2. Jon says:

    Hi Bev
    So sorry for not getting back sooner, but well impressed that you’ve managed to paint and glaze you’re masterpiece – good work indeed. I’m never sure how many workshop participants get around to decorating their claywork at home so it’s great to hear your story. Can you post a photo of the finished item on our facebook page? I’d love to see the results. Thanks once again for taking the time to comment & happy potting! Jon

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