Clay Leaf made at Hesters Way Pottery Workshop, with Jon WilliamsI had a trip down memory lane last week. As a boy I used to visit my grandparents who lived near Hesters Way in Cheltenham. I was delighted to be contacted by the local primary school and a little intrigued to see what I remembered of the area.

In the end, I spent two rewarding days working with the whole school creating a couple of oak tree tile panels which will eventually adorn an exterior wall of the school building.

I also delivered a parent & child session and actually got to meet the family who currently live in my grandparents old house. How cool!

After I’d finished at the school, I did go and take a peek at the property but stopped short of banging on the door and asking to be invited in for a cuppa! There were a few features I recognised from the 70’s (the iron porch poles my brother & myself used to climb) but apart from that the place had been ‘modernised’ beyond recognition. The car is certainly king in Barbridge road with nearly all the lawns and tendered flowerbeds of my youth replaced with concrete. Hmmm, sounding a bit like a lamenting old fart now, time to sign off! 

Loved working at the school though and hopefully will be back there before too long.