Pots made at Marlbrook Primary, with Jon WilliamsYr 5 at Marlbrook Primary School in Hereford have been exploring different pottery techniques to make vessels. When I arrived on Friday, the children were very proud of their coiled, slab and pinch pot creations drying on the shelves in the classroom.

The only technique they needed for a royal flush was the potter’s wheel.

I welcome any opportunity to work with the lovely people at Marlbrook and didn’t need asking twice to come and work with the whole of Yr5, helping each of the 60 children to throw a pot on the wheel.

Brilliant day!

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  1. Potter Paul says:

    60 in a day is good going; I can only manage to aid about 4-5 people per hour … would be interested to know (as it reads this way) how you managed to do this and not lose your voice/flake-out …

    Am really looking forward to seeing how you work with the Clay Babies at Just-So.


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