corporate hospitality at its best. a pottery participant with his splendid coil pot made at eastnor potteryWild Wood Rooms got in contact with us to arrange a breakout activity for one of their clients.

The management team regularly meet up in Worcester for group meetings. These events usualy take place over a couple of days and the organisers like to introduce a fun and stimulating activity to break-up the boardroom exercises.

At 5pm, the team, 16 members in total, decended on the Pottery for an evening of clay fun & creativity. They made some fantastic coil pots which were painted there and then in a range of bright & colourful slips.

We’ll fire and glaze their masterpieces in time for distribution at the next team meeting.

If you would like to take advantage of our fantastic & creative break-out sessions for business and organisations, please take a look at our teambuilding page.