D-block workshop for Y-art

D-block workshop for Y'artThe first half of the ambitious YArt project is nearing to an end. Hundreds of Herefordshire’s young people have participated in arts workshops in venues across the county.

The initial six weeks have all been about the participants, artists and stakeholders getting to know each other and exploring various creative activities.

I’ve certainly had a load of fun working with Toni, Janine and Beccy and cant wait to see how these brilliant collaborations develop in the coming months after the Christmas break.

Children's Pottery Birthday Parties at Eastnor PotteryOlivia and her friends spent a lovely afternoon at the pottery celebrating her 8th birthday. ‘Colourful Critters’ was the selected theme and the children made some wonderful things including a couple of hedgehogs, a badger, and a beautifully modelled pear – not quite a ‘Colourful Critter’ but superbly executed none the less!

If you are looking for a memorable and creative experience for your children’s birthday party then please take a look at our pottery birthday party page.

clay pot made on the wheel by a young potterOnce a year I have the good fortune of spending three consecutive days (working?) at the Lillian De Lissa Nursery School in Birmingham. In collaboration with the staff, each child is offered the chance to make a pot on the potter’s wheel – a unique and creative experience if ever there was one.

It’s inspiring to see the multitude of approaches – each child comes at the clay from a different perspective. Some are happy just to get lost in the sensory moment, reveling in the feeling of the wet, slippery material – others want to make things (a volcano, rocket, bowl etc).

One young lad blew us away with his totally intuitive handling of the clay on the wheel – it looked like he’d been making pots for years!

Creepy Castles pottery workshop for childrenHere are a couple of young potters collecting their magnificent ‘Creepy Castles’ made in the half term holiday. The next children’s workshops take place in the Christmas hoildays on the 29th of December – Ho ho ho! is the festive theme.

Please call on 01531 633886, or e-mail admin@eastnorpottery.co.uk to reserve your place.

Brearley Owl

Lovely to be back at the incredibly creative early years establishment that is Brearley and Teviot Nursery School in Birmingham. I have spent the last couple of sessions working in Green & Blue rooms, introducing the children to clay and simple hand tools.

The session starts with a full sized, unopened bag of clay positioned in the middle of the table. Once the grey mass has been revealed the children work their magic, using their creativity and imagination to take the material in all kinds of directions.

Stories are told and narratives are played out with every session a unique experience. The owl (above) became a forest of lolly pops & ice creams, a mobile phone, several birthday cakes and best of all a comedy nose & moustache combo!

I love my job!