pottery workshops at bishops cleeve primary schoolClose on sixty Yr 3 pupils from Bishops Cleeve Primary School collaborated to make an army of terracotta Roman soldiers. The children worked in threes to produce the 20 clay figures – one made the head, one made the torso and the other constructed the legs.

The body parts were then joined together, each figure standing roughly 25cms in height.

The results look fabulous and will be further enhanced by a terracotta firing in our kilns. Once emerged from the firing process the figures will be returned to the school to be displayed in the School entrance on specially constructed shelves….To see the completed, fired Roman legion of soldiers, have a look at our Facebook album.pottery workshops at bishops cleeve primary school

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  1. carolparkes says:

    A huge sense of fun and achievement from a great day of creativity! Pupils learnt many skills from Jon’s excellent assembly and demonstration and then used them to make their Legionaries! Coiling, pinching, gouging and smoothing. Daggers, shields, helmets, plumes and sandals! A terrific team effort led to real pride in the outcomes. An unforgettable experience for all involved. Thank you Jon. From all at Bishops Cleeve Primary Academy.

  2. Jon says:

    Thanks for your kind words Carol. The soldiers were fired last night and have been cooling all today. I have a workshop here tomorrow and the kiln should be cool enough for me to have a peek. A thought…Gary is coming over on Thursday with his children to do our ½ term workshops. Shall I drop him line to see if he’ll pick up the soldiers?
    Have a good weekend.
    Best wishes

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