Ben & Dan's Pottery Birthday Party at Eastnor PotteryFive year old twin boys Ben & Dan celebrated their birthday at Eastnor Pottery on Sunday. The boys and their classmates made crazy, colourful critters before tucking into these brilliant ‘Spiderman’ cup cakes. There’s a few more photos for you to browse on our Facebook page.

Claire's Pottery Hen PartySome of the most enjoyable workshops we host here at Eastnor Pottery are the pottery hen party groups. Saturday’s session was no exception! Twenty four girls from the far flung corners of the UK converged on the pottery for three hours of potter’s wheel fun.

The customary ‘story pot’ completed, the ladies took turns on the eight wheels as well as making some striking coil-pot constructions. We are planning to get the creations fired and glazed in time for Claire’s big day in a couple of weeks time.

We took a fair few photos which are now available for perusal on our Facebook page.

pottery plates made from clay at a workshop led by jon the potter from eastnor potteryYr 1 & 2 at Wyche Primary School are creating treasure boxes. The class teacher contacted me to see if I’d come into school and show the children each how to make a plate to go in their boxes.

We used a simple ‘pie dish’ technique by flattening lumps of clay into large slabs and placing them into moulds.

The plate makers then added animal inspired decoration before painting their creations with coloured slip.

The class had worked with an illustrator earlier in the week, the skills they’d attained evident in the wonderful additions and drawings.

A collaborative animal created by staff from a birmingham nursery schoolTwenty five teaching staff from Brearley & Teviot Nursery School in Birmingham visited the studio a few weeks ago for a spot of pottery teambuilding.

The staff were split into four sub-groups and were encouraged to ‘play’ with pencils, paper, and the coilpot technique – each group reaching a concensus on what to make.

Four magnificent terracotta beasts were constructed – each one a hybrid of several animals or inspired by the children’s interests.

The finished pieces will be hidden at strategic places around the school grounds for the children to discover amongst the bushes and shrubs.

pottery workshop at st thomas childrens centre birmingham led by jon the potter from eastnorThe fantastic & creative force that is St Thomas Children’s Centre in Birmingham now has it’s very own dedicated website to tell the world about all the amazing things that happen there.

Please take a look at