Muddy Mountain Tools, Outdoor Clay Sculpture, Eastnor Pottery, Herefordshire

Wellies, treasure and muddy mountain tools

Phase One of Muddy Mountains and the ‘village’ projects came to a conclusion on Thursday.

Practitioners, staff and children spent the day sharing what they had been up to and evaluating their creative journey thus far. Performances, assemblies, demonstrations and lots of cake!

Children who had worked with drama practioners Gemma and Molly revealed the secret ‘village’ hand-shake.

Reception had been working with artist Sally Harper, making huge cardboard houses for their puppet characters to live. The ice-cream factory was immense!

Groups who had worked with Connie and Norm displayed their creative outpourings in one of the classrooms converted into a gallery.

The Mudley News was officially opened and yours truly got to cut the red ribbon! (I don’t think I’ve ever ‘opened’ anything before!) Creative practitioner Denise has been organising the News team into a professional outfit – editors, sub-editors, reporters and even a cartoonist.

The Muddy Mountains Maze was open for business with young tour guides answering visitor questions about the creative process and showing guests around the wooded area.

The children declared that both projects were only a quarter complete, and were bursting with ideas and potential for developing both schemes.

“Never under-estimate mud!” was a relective comment from one of the pupils.