I’ve been working in collaboration with forest school Fiona at Washwood Heath Nursery School to build a pizza oven in the playground.
It took just three days to complete with lots of help from the children and staff at appropriate stages.
The children loved mixing the cob (clay, straw and sand) whilst the staff excelled at decorating the dome. Even when they were unable to help, we had an inquisitive audience sat on the periphery of the build site.
The project culminated on the last day of term and co-incided with the Nursery’s Ofsted celebration event. The children’s families were invited to share in the Nursery’s ‘Outstanding’ report by enjoying music, food and other entertainment – as well as witnessing the inaugural lighting of the pizza oven.
Once the embers were nicely a glow, we were able to cook chapati’s.
Jon Williams


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  1. Little Wren Pottery says:

    Looks like a tasty project! I do think that pizza from pizza ovens tastes totally different, great that the kids were able to get hands on.

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