Jon was pleased to be back at the nursery this week, exploring the learning potential of working with clay.
The staff provide a vibrant and creative environment for the children to learn about the world with lots of opportunities catering for all learning styles. Important questions are raised, investigated and acted upon.
As it was the first time Jon had met the September intake – he presented the yellow room with a large lump of freshly defrosted, very sticky, clay – dumped in the middle of the table. Whilst the children squidged, rolled and flattened clay they talked about what they were making. Here’s just a few examples of what the clay transformed into:-
a rainbow, lollipops, snowmen, cakes, candles, helicopters, cheese, chocolate, Spiderman, mountains, moustaches, grass, fire, fireworks and (my favourite), hair butter!
Jon will be visiting regularly throughout the rest of the academic year.