Jon has been providing pottery workshops for the Three Counties Agricultural Society for the best part of a decade. Over the years, a loyal following of clay enthusiasts has developed. Participants seek out the ‘Eastnor Pottery’ stand with increasing regularity. There are the Spring Gardening groupies, the Three Counties fans and of course the Autumn Gardening Show fanatics! Some punters make a B-line for the Pottery tent at all three events!  

This year families helped to construct a giant collaborative apple and pear. Once they’re fired we’ll pop some photos up on our Facebook page.



Washwood Heath Nursery School in Birmingham, has an excellent approach to help the new intake of some 180 children and their parents ease into school life. Creative activities are offered to parents in the school hall, whilst their offspring settle in the adjacent classroom. So far they have been woodworking, felt-making and for the next few weeks, working with Jon making pots on the wheel. The activities are designed to alleviate anxiety with the advantage of parents being never too far away to console the inconsolable!

Jon and the nursery staff were struck by the creative talents of assembled parents, particularly the intricate, decorative skills of some of the participants.

Sarah was busy this week producing 220 clay hearts (thank heavens for heart shaped biscuit cutters!) This was not a job we would have usually taken on, but a friend in need had contacted us out of desperation with a very tight deadline. Once fired, glazed and individually named, the tiles will act as table place settings at a wedding reception.

Jon spent another pleasant morning with new parents and their children at the St Thomas Children’s Centre. These exploratory sessions give the children their first clay experience – sampling texture, temperature and squidgyness of the raw material. Take a look at the previous St Thomas Babies entry.

Jasmine, friends and family enjoyed a double birthday celebration at the studio. Jasmine reached the grand old age of 6 whilst Nan was 78 years young!

All the party goers had a go on the potter’s wheel as well as making ‘Owl and Pussycat’ models. Nan, who’s a bit of an artist herself produced a fabulous cereal bowl on the wheel. Celebrate here!