Not long to go now! Come and see us in the body & soul area and sample the delights of throwing a pot on the wheel: Friday 6 – Sunday 8 August 2010.
Here’s a couple of photos from last years festival.

One last photo!

It only seems like yesterday we were unloading the van and populating the yurt with all our tools and equipment – now it’s time to pack it all up again.
Thankyou to all who participated in our drop-in workshops – you really did produce some ugly work!
Once it’s all been fired we’ll display the gargoyle pots & planters in the window of Priory Cleaners in the centre of Ledbury – probably around late sept/oct time.
Those of you who visited the Castle from afar, please join our facebook page, follow us on or email to join our datadase.
Do any of the above and we’ll give you the nod when we’ve published photos of the finished, fired pieces.

Disappointing news – We had no less than three of our little lidded pots stolen from their hiding places during wed opening hours…(what!)
If you saw anybody struggling under the weight of a bulging rucksack at closing time on Wednesday at the Castle, please get in contact!
In the remaining nine pots we discovered these little goodies.

We always ask our clients and customers for their feedback following a workshop or event. We regularly send out an evaluation questionnaire asking if the project lived up to expectations etc. Here’s a recent response from Arrow Vale High School in Redditch (see the blog titled ‘Mud Sofa’)

“The amount achieved by the students was excellent, we have had a variety of positive feedback, the highlight for the students being adding the mud mixture to the structure.”

“Your relationship with students was excellent, relaxed but focused, securing the attention and enthusiasm for the experience.”