…I had the pleasure of working with Palfrey Junior School in Birmingham. The project was part of a community cohesion drive and children from neighbouring Pheasey Park Primary came along to Palfrey to join in the clay fun. Over one hundred children each made a tile. When assembled the tiles will make up a circular clock, one metre in diameter. I’ll be visiting Pheasey Park in the autumn, when children from Palfrey will help Pheasey Park make their own clock.

Also had a final flying potter visit to Badsey First School near Evesham. We produced a village of little Badsey inspired clay houses. The last four sessions have all been spent working with years four and five – nice end to the school year, and for half of the children a clay finale to their time spent at Badsey. These children were also the very first that I worked with at the school – six years ago! Then they were all in the Reception class – where does the time go!?